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Mechanical Speed Variator




Mechanical Speed Variator





The design of Variator has been based on our principals' wide knowledge of mechanical friction drives and has enabled much higher horse powers to be transmitted.

The Variator consists of on outer casing (D) and end cover (P) in which the co-axial shafts (C and M) are mounted. These rotate in opposite directions.


Power is transmitted from the input shaft through a pressure device (N) to the drive disc (L) thence to a series of double conical drive rollers (A) which are free to rotate on fixed inclined spindles (G).

The carrier (H) in which the spindles are located is held on the end cover boss and is so arranged that is can be moved axially by means of the rack (K) and pinion (J).


From the drive rollers, power is transmitted to the outer ring (E) and pressure device (F) and thence to the output shaft through the drive flange (B).


Due to the geometry of the power transmitting components, the input and output shaft rotate in opposite direction



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