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Working Principle Of Stepless Speed Variator




The Trisons Variable Speed Drive is a planetary drive , where power and speed are transmitted by spring applied frictions forces.


The Input shaft drives the inner sun. The two halvos of the inner suns are compressed together with cup springs creating force against the planets.


The planets also contract the outer rings which are fixed into slots in the planet carrier.


When the input shaft turns the inner sun, the planets rotate against the outer rings, thereby causing the planet carrier and output shaft to rotate.


How the TRISONS DRIVES changes speed :


Turing the hand wheel cause the movable outer ring (MOR) to turn.


The MOR and the fixed cam ring are separated by the ball cage,


The double cam action between the MOR and the fixed cam ring caused the MOR to shift axially as it rotates.


The tapered planets are forced into the inner sun as the MOR shifts toward the stationary outer ring (SOR), or allows the spring action of the inner suns to force the planets away from the center line as the MOR shifts away from the SOR.


Slots in the planet carrier allow the planets to move radically close to or further from the center line.


This movement, relative to the center line, alters the effective pitch diameter of the planets and the output speed.


The drive may be shifted to low speed without shaft rotation but the drive must be rotating in order to shaft to a higher speed.




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