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Range & Speed

Control for speed regulation are attached to one end of control shaft. If the control arrangement is on left hand side (looking form the input side) clockwise rotation of the hand wheel increases the output speed. If the control arrangement is on right hand side, anti-clockwise rotation of the hand wheel will result in increase of output speed.

1. Hand Wheel Control (KC1): This is standard control provided on the units, where selected speeds can be read on the indicating drum.

2. Fine Adjustment Hand wheel Control (KC2): This is available at extra cost for model K-2.5, K-6 and K-16. This type of control consist of a worm wheel and worm having ratio of 1:60

3. Fine Adjustment Hand wheel Control (KC3): It is same as above but can be operated from a distance, It is provided with a flexible shaft.

4. Electric Remote Control (KC4): This is available for models K-2.5, and K-16. This unit consists of a servo geared motor wound 230V, Single phase 50 c/s AC supply. The time to change from maximum speed to minimum speed is 40 sec. approximately.

This control can be operated form any desired place.



Control Positions:

The control of the K variable speed drive series can be supplied in position L or position H for all horizontal mounting.









The efficiency curve in fig. is that of a typical unit and indicates high values over the majority of the output speed range. IT is sufficiently accurate for approximate calculations. For more accurate work, efficiency diagram for all sizes of K variators at various input horse-power ratings can be supplied.




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