Power Transmission Solutions


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  Output shaft is parallel with input shaft, by the symmetrical plan cam on input shaft, the K Series parallel shaft type cam division drives output shaft on which some roll pin bearings symmetrical distributing at circle, to rotate internatittently, and the intermission is regular. such a process changes continually rotating to regularlarly intermittence rotating, and the intermittence rotating shares fine kinematics and kinetics characters.

The cam obviously is divided into two part: one part is a up-down curve shape corresponding to rotating, when the other is a round circle corresponding to stop. The transmitting between cam and output's shaft is in fact a kind of conjugated tooth without gap.


The division device, its advantage is the flexibility and mediumistic , the division number is 1-8, special sized products can be specially manufactured for customers, and the products can be used in disk intermission indexing mechanisms packing, foodstuff, medicine, electronics machinery, and automatic machine's ATC device, ceramic printing mechanisms for main feeding, ceasing and stepping and indexing etc.







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